Win Customers * Grow Customers * Keep Customers

12 Week Sales Acceleration Program

It’s a fact that it’s the easiest thing in the world for any business to lose it’s focus. No matter how much you stick to core strategies, mission statements, and sales and marketing targets, it is only a matter of time before virtually any organisation begins to fray round the edges.  

Operating as a leading centre of excellence in sales performance management, our programme will grow your sales revenue, deliver direction, structure and energy back into your sales and marketing functions.

Field-proven experience has shown us that there is “common threads” when it comes to optimised sales and marketing resource.  However, every company needs something different or unique. Consequently, businesses need a solution that reflects for their scale, their maturity, their market, their solutions and their operating style.

Focused at increasing business critical sales and customer retention, our 12 week sales acceleration programme is aimed at:

Acquiring multiple new logo clients,
Growing revenues from existing customers,
Increasing gross margin
Energising and Focusing your sales and marketing personnel

We are passionate about positive sales performance. Our programme helps your sales and marketing personnel deliver. As evangelists of best practice, we help you enhance the power of your sales and marketing teams to deliver the results you need.

Our Approach to working with you:

Step 1 – Understand your business operating style and its sales and marketing strategies

Step 2 – Develop a gap analysis

Step 3 – Build the interim sales acceleration plan

Step 4 – Implement the plan and changes that will deliver the best results.

In short, we don’t just tell you how to do the job.  Our consultants take active “hands-on” responsibility and get things done.  We lead from the front and help you and your team, commit to targets and make them happen.