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Software Investment Appraisal

When it comes to selecting the right business solution, it is important to understand all the benefits of a system before beginning the selection process.

Business Critique’s consultants have been impartially and professionally advising and implementing Customer Relationship Management / Complaints Management / Marketing Automation Solutions since 1993.

Our specialists are fully conversant with the requirements of the growing business.  We provide impartial professional advice and guidance in all the areas of solution selection. Indeed, we were the first Value Added Reseller to break the “tied to vendor” relationship by creating an “Impartial Advice and Selection” service offering an un-biased recommendation of best suited solution to meet our customers’ business needs.

Business Critique’s specialists understand the intrinsic complexities in dealing with complex sales, marketing and customer service teams through multiple contact channels. Additionally, we also know how to get valuable MI data from these solutions which could help us identify process and efficiency improvements for your sales and account management teams.

Our goal is to identify and solve your business and technology needs.  We draw upon our in-depth industry knowledge, expertise and best practices to make sure that your business solution will deliver enhanced revenue streams, keep costs low and maintain competitive advantage.

How long will the (Pre Adoption) Selection Appraisal take?

Depending on the complexity of your project, and availability of your key staff, the study will typically take five to ten working days. The precise time would be agreed on completion of an initial Terms of Reference meeting

Using our four step Investment Appraisal process, our experienced business consulting team provide the leadership and expertise to help our clients select a solution that is right for you, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

1.           Define Your Company’s Strategy

Any software solution selection must start with defining the ideal customer relationship your company needs. As part of this step, we develop with you, the business goals and the objectives that the project will be measured against and calculate the return on investment.

2.           Identify Business & Technical Requirements

Our business consultants will interview, either one-to-one or in a workshop forum, your key personnel to capture and verify the business & technical objectives for a successful solution.

3.           Define Your Business Processes and Workflows

Through a series of workshops existing business processes will be reviewed and improved to support the new company strategy and business objectives.

Often facilitating internal meetings and workshops can be difficult if there are a large number of people involved or departments represented. BCI consultants are trained facilitators and enable an objective workshop to be held which meets the needs of the business.  We ensure all participants can concentrate on the key issues and can work through them step-by-step to create the most effective business processes and ensure they are owned by the business teams.

4.           Recommend the Appropriate Application 

Once the strategy, objective, requirements and processes have been agreed, our specialists will deliver a report recommending the best suited solution to accommodate your identified business needs.

What are the benefits of a Selection Appraisal?

Business Critique has a successful track record of streamlining and consolidating end to end business critical solutions and producing vital MI from sales, marketing and customer feedback that positively impacts the bottom line

What do I get at the end of the Selection Appraisal?

A calculated ROI based on expected efficiency gains

Identification of project related risks

Estimated costs for deploying a solution

Timeframe within which the project can be deployed

Support information for internal business case development

Following the workshops and interviews, our consultants present the findings of this research back to your key stakeholders to help them in building a solid business case for the adoption of the most suited solution to accommodate your business needs.