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Training Services

Increasingly sales leaders want to create a profound and sustained transformation of their team’s sales performance.

Training courses are important for companies wishing to give their sales teams an advantage. We effectively meet the needs of businesses like yours because we specialise in SME technology and product industries and we have developed a wide range of sales, marketing and software solution training courses designed to meet your specific needs.

Our talent training sessions will enable your company to create and embed a proven process that delivers continual business development performance improvement and customer retention.

Our approach is tailored to the needs of each Client and is based on experience and evidence from a wide range of industry-leading thinkers.

Our talent training service includes:

  1. Leadership.
    We will work with your sales leadership team to make this a process they own and are equipped to lead.
  2. Defined competency.
    We work with you to define the skills and behaviours that create sales success for your company (building a competency framework)
  3. Continuous improvement and self-assessment.
    We help you create a culture of continual self-assessment; getting each sales person to take responsibility for identifying opportunities to improve their own sales performance and dispassionately reviewing their progress against agreed performance criteria
  4. Management support.
    We give your sales managers the skills they need to recruit the best, validate self-assessment and support the development of each team member to create outstanding sales success.

Our pragmatic approach has helped a wide range of companies in Small to Medium businesses measurably transform their sales performance.

Our Software Training Service includes:

  • CRM Solutions use
  • Marketing Automation Solutions use
  • Complaints Management Solutions use